Friday, October 27, 2006

Eric Reeves is nuts

Note how Eric Reeves leads his readers into believing his rants have been published in The Guardian. Commentary of his, referred to in his latest vent) (hat tip CFD) appears online at the Guardian's "Comments is free" section, not, as he implies, the newspaper itself.

Reeves, through massively selective editing and cutting, twists words on so many reports, it's hard to know where to begin pulling his stuff to pieces. I did make a start but deleted it. Can't be bothered to give him any more air space because he's so nasty and has no compunction spreading dangerous damaging fabrications and lies about people and not revealing his sources. And he has the cheek to lead his readers into believing Jan Pronk is a rogue and liar! Reeves doesn't even imply such things about Nur's rebels!! Read the whole thing, if you can stomach it.

I say Eric Reeves is nuts. Send him to Khartoum in Jan Pronk's place and see if he has the guts to last more than five seconds!
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Under its "Opinions" heading, the Sudan Tribune has published Reeves' commentary entitled Pronk's expulsion: Darfur, S. Sudan without UN critical presence: Khartoum Expels Kofi Annan's Special Representative for Sudan, Jan Pronk: Another in a series of consequential blunders by the willful Pronk leaves Darfur and Southern Sudan without a critical UN diplomatic presence.
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See Oct 26 2006 Head-to-head: Darfur situation (BBC): What do you think? Do you agree with Eric Reeves or Gamal Nkrumah? What should the international community do? Send your views to BBC using the link below.

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Anonymous said...

Right on Ingrid. The man has his own agenda. I can't believe these are the kind of people who testify in the US Congress. No wonder US policy makers say the things the say sometimes. I'm planning to try and get my opinions published on the Guardian's comment is free section. Reeves talks as if he's some kind of expert when he's so twisted in his head. I want to challenge him and his opinions.