Sunday, October 22, 2006

For stricken Darfur, threat of all-out war (Lydia Polgreen)

Oct 22 2006 Chad-Sudan border - NYT/IHT Lydia Polgreen report - excerpt:
The prospect of new negotiations for a settlement have dimmed. And the involvement of Chad and now the Central African Republic, where Sudan is reportedly supporting more rebels against the Chad government, is spawning a complex, interlinked set of conflicts among some of the least stable countries in the heart of Africa.

The conflict could stretch on indefinitely.

"Clearly Khartoum is still intent on pursing a military solution, and just because the latest offensive seems to have hit a roadblock doesn't mean they are going to give up," Thomas-Jensen said. "The strategy in the past has always been to arm and train and support local militia groups. In all of this the consequences form a humanitarian standpoint are devastating."

In Darfur, he said, it is ultimately the civilians who will pay the highest price.

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