SUDAN WATCH: Many ideas to solve Darfur's crisis -- Moussa

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Many ideas to solve Darfur's crisis -- Moussa

Oct 3 2006 Cairo Kuna:
Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa stressed on Tuesday that there are "many" proposed ideas to solve the conflict in Darfur, saying the solution must not be regarding security only.

Speaking to Sout Al-Arab (Voice of the Arabs) radio via phone from Khartoum, Moussa said solving the conflict needs rebuilding the region and achieving reconciliation.

He pointed out that he met, during his current visit to Khartoum, with Sudanese officials and the UN delegate to Sudan, stressing that the talks concentrated on how to defuse the crisis in a way that assures achieving security and stability in the region.

Meanwhile, Moussa emphasized in an interview published in Cairo on Tuesday that the situation in Darfur is still disturbing, saying he believes there are "opportunities" to reach an agreement that will satisfy the Sudanese government and will allow the UN and the African Union (AU) to work together.

Prior to leaving Cairo to Sudan on Monday, Moussa called Arab countries to financially fund the AU forces in Darfur, as agreed upon in the last Arab summit.


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