SUDAN WATCH: Sudanese national anthem: the call to arms

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sudanese national anthem: the call to arms

Sudanese blogger Black Kush thinks Sudan's national anthem shows how much the Sudanese love to fight each other. Excerpt from Sudanese national anthem: the call to arms:

Nahnu Djundullah Djundulwatan.
In Da A Da Il Fida Lam Nakhun.
Natahaddal Maut Endalmihan.
Nashta Ril Madjd Bi Aghlathaman.
Hathihil Ard Lana! Falyaish Sudanuna,
Alaman Bayn Al Umam.
Ya Benissudan, Hatharamzukum;
Yah Miluleb, Wa Yahmi Ardakum.


We are the army of God and of our land,
We shall never fail when called to sacrifice.
Whether braving death, hardship or pain,
We give our lives as the price of glory.
May this Our land, Sudan, live long,
Showing all nations the way.
Sons of the Sudan, summoned now to serve,
Shoulder the task of preserving our country.
Sounds like they are their own worst enemies.


Anonymous panthelly said...

This National Anthem refected fight to sudan by themselves,the should sang to britain during the strungle for independend and change it.Anyway is done and that is it.Thank panthelly

Tuesday, September 23, 2008  
Blogger Noon said...

I'm Sudanses and I've never sang the anthem. I don't even know it. I think it's patronizing how it pawned away our lives when it hasn't even felt like something I would give ANYthing to.

Saturday, February 12, 2011  

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