SUDAN WATCH: Theatre in London aims for debate on Darfur

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Theatre in London aims for debate on Darfur

Oct 2 2006 BBC:
A north London theatre is to stage seven plays which it hopes will be "a forum for debate" about the conflict in Darfur. The season at the Tricycle in Kilburn will also feature panel discussions. The project was inspired by a BBC interview where actress Mia Farrow called for greater action after 2m people were displaced from their homes. Director Charlotte Westenra said she hoped to "get people talking and encourage them to find out more".


Michael Bhim - Distant Violence
Amy Evans - Many Men's Wives
Jennifer Farmer - Words Word Words
Carlo Gebler - Silhouette
Juliet Gilkes - Bilad al-Sudan
Lynn Nottage - Give, Again?
Winsome Pinnock - IDP

The work of writers such as Michael Bhim, Juliet Gilkes and Lynn Nottage will be seen at the theatre from 24 to 28 October.
I hope Daniel Davies is able to attend and report on it. Daniel lives in North London and blogs at D-squared Digest and Crooked Timber.

Read Daniel's Strange bedfellows. Excerpt:
If one takes seriously the fact that Darfur is facing immediate humanitarian crisis, then the only priority at the moment has to be to get some sort of peacekeeping force in there which is sufficient to allow the aid agencies to work. The Sudanese government definitely ought to let UNMIS in, and their attempt to run out the clock on AMIS definitely ought to count against them (in hell if not in the ICC, as I have said before). I frankly consider the UN's behaviour with respect to AMIS to be absolutely scandalous and would vastly rather see a credible African mission being funded, but this does not look politically possible at present, so UNMIS it is, although not at the expense of war.


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