SUDAN WATCH: UN's Malloch Brown lauds US, UK on Darfur

Monday, October 02, 2006

UN's Malloch Brown lauds US, UK on Darfur

Great diplomacy by UN Deputy Secretary General Mark Malloch Brown. Responding to UN basher Bolton's clumsy demand for an apology, he praised the UK and US for being "on the right side" in seeking to end what he called an outrage in Darfur. - Reuters via ABC 1 Oct 2006:
But he said it was clear that Sudan did not respond well to ultimatums delivered from New York, Washington, London or Brussels and a new diplomatic approach was needed to engage the Sudanese government.

Malloch Brown said a broader coalition of countries was needed to press Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir to put an end to "an outrage" - including China and Arab states.

He also called for a more realistic medium-term "carrot and stick" strategy to give Sudan, a long poor country enjoying an oil boom, an interest in cooperating over Darfur while keeping a potential "choke hold" on trade and more war crimes indictments against Sudanese officials if it did not comply.
Note, Mr Malloch Brown is a Brit. I can't help wondering if he cleared his initial statement with Tony Blair to enable the US to save face, calm down and pull its horns in. Whatever, it's good to hear such sensible level heads in the UN, speaking out. Great diplomats ooze charm and smooth, clever stuff!


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