SUDAN WATCH: French Total pays $1.5m pa to maintain Sudan's oil rights

Monday, November 06, 2006

French Total pays $1.5m pa to maintain Sudan's oil rights

Oct 3 2006 Dow Jones report via ST. Excerpt:
Total spokeswoman Patricia Marie confirmed the company is paying the Sudanese government but wouldn't disclose how much. She added that the government had guaranteed the money would be spent on social programs benefiting the people of southern Sudan, including scholarships to students.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone see the danger behind France's international policy in Africa? Doesn't anyone pay attention to the fact that there is often war and killing in the francophone African countries that "happen to be" rich in oil? Doesn't anyone see the correlation? Does the international community not speak up because France is an "old" friend? Can we just sit by and not say anything? Can't "old friends" sometimes do wrong? Who's speaking up and telling them to stop this craziness?? Innocent human lives for oil. How many more people must shed their blood for others' greediness?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007  

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