Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Soldier of Africa blogging from Darfur views UN taking over as a very good thing


Soldier of Africa in Darfur tells us these pallettes and shipping containers have been outside AMIS HQ for a while now. They are for extra office space for incoming UN people. UN taking over is imminent?

Note in the comments, Werner, who authors Soldier in Africa, says he views the UN taking over as a very good thing. btw Werner is, I believe, a Brit. [UPDATE - Got it wrong. Thought Werner was British born. Werner is South African.]


Werner K said...

Actually, Werner is South African.

Ingrid J. Jones said...

Hey Werner, great to see you here. Sorry, thought I'd read somewhere in your blog you were born in England. I rarely blog things off the top of my head. Shouldn't do so before double checking. Thanks for correction.