Wednesday, November 29, 2006

UN's WFP warehouses looted in Abeche, Chad - Warning ahead of Darfur AU talks

Nov 29 2006 BBC report Warning ahead of Darfur AU talks says UN's aid chief Jan Egeland has warned that conflicts in Sudan's Darfur, Chad and Central African Republic are now "intimately linked".

He said fighters are crossing borders to launch attacks and risking a "really dangerous regional crisis".

His comments in Geneva come as the African Union meets in Nigeria, to discuss help for the overwhelmed and ill-equipped African force in Darfur.

Chad rebels

Photos: This Sunday, Nov. 26, 2006 images made available Monday, Nov. 27 by the United Nations World Food Programme shows looted warehouses in Abeche, Chad. With gunfire sounding in the distance, workers took stock Monday of looted U.N. warehouses and government offices in this town in eastern Chad, the latest victim of unrest that started in Sudan's Darfur region and has spread across a swath of Africa. (AP Photo/United Nations World Food Programme)

Chad rebels

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