SUDAN WATCH: New offensive in North Darfur

Monday, November 20, 2006

New offensive in North Darfur

Associated Press report via Times Online 20 Nov 2006:
KHARTOUM A large force of Sudanese soldiers backed by Janjawid militias is sweeping through the towns and villages of North Darfur in spite of a ceasefire, international observers and rebels in Darfur said.

At least four civilians were killed near the northern town of Birmaza yesterday, according to Youssouf Mussabal, a rebel leader in the area. Speaking by telephone from North Darfur, he said that about 200 pro-government janjawid fighters riding camels had moved into the zone, backed by mobile army units and the Sudanese air force. He added: "The janjawid are still in the town, we're worried for the population."

A United Nations official said: "The campaign is ongoing, and we are being given very limited access to investigate or treat casualties."


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