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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sudan Partnership Weblog: Sudan Journey Completed

Nov 10 2006 blog entry by Adjumani of Sudan Partnership Weblog - Sudan Journey Completed - excerpt:
"... There was no accommodation for travelers in Torit as no one has yet started building traveler's lodges there. We were told no one is making bricks for building, yet. In Nimule and Magwi we could use Ugandan currency but in Torit and Juba only American dollars and Sudanese Dinar are accepted. Food for travelers is not abundant either. After 4 p.m. food was hard to find in the little shacks called hotelies. And these are only a few of the complexities of just traveling, let alone living in Eastern Equatoria.

We stayed one night in Magwi and saw some definite growth there as people are trickling back to their homeland. Magwi seems to be moving forward faster than the large town of Torit. It does seem a positive sign that it will be a good place to locate a residence and center for work. But the crying need of Magwi is for access roads to be built SOON. The existing primary road is becoming little more than rock and river bed.

Again we came away deeply challenged to pray and to return to help begin the rebuilding of this nation and her people. It was an incredible privilege to travel in Southern Sudan, to pray as the immensity of the task the Sudanese face was made so clear. We are impressed with people like Lam Michael who remain undaunted and work with compassionate, dedicated heart to continue the peace process and rebuilding of their land. Do please pray for Michael. He is fighting active Tuberculosis and has a long road ahead to full recovery. He actually came to meet and travel with us from Gulu, Uganda where he's getting treatment. It's that kind of commitment which speaks of one man's heart for his people."


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