SUDAN WATCH: UN Annan: Sudan 'backs' Darfur force plan

Friday, November 17, 2006

UN Annan: Sudan 'backs' Darfur force plan

Mr Annan told reporters: 'It is agreed in principle that, pending clarification of the size of the force, we should be able to take it forward.'


1) AU $21m support package
2) Deploy several hundred soldiers and police
3) Hybrid force with substantial UN command and control

Full story BBC 17 Nov 2006.
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Nov 14 2006 AP report via ST - UN Darfur proposal could mean joint UN/AU operation: But whether Khartoum would approve the U.N.'s third step - "an A.U.-U.N. hybrid operation" with both organizations jointly appointing key decision-makers including the force commander - remains to be seen.

Nov 16 2006 AFP report via ST - Sudan supports 'hybrid' UN-AU Darfur force - Annan.

Nov 17 2006 AFP report via ST - US welcomes Sudan agreement on Darfur: "This agreement paves the way for a joint AU/UN peacekeeping force for Darfur composed primarily of and led by Africans, and commanded, supported and funded by the UN," Johndroe said.


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