SUDAN WATCH: S. Sudan: Foreigners who fail to register by Aug 4th will be arrested

Sunday, August 01, 2010

S. Sudan: Foreigners who fail to register by Aug 4th will be arrested

Foreigners Have Two Weeks To Register In Southern Sudan
Report from SRS - Sudan Radio Service - 27 July 2010:
(Juba) - The government of Southern Sudan has given foreigners living in Southern Sudan a 14-day grace period to register with the immigration authorities.

Speaking to SRS in Juba on Tuesday the Director of immigration in Juba, Colonel Elia Kosta Elias, says foreigners who fail to register within the specified period will be arrested.

[Elia Kosta Fastino]: “All foreigners in Juba or in southern Sudan in general are ordered to come and register so that we know them and we know how many foreigners are here. We want to know whether they have come here for visit, business or studies. We have given them a period of two weeks, up to 4th of August. After that we will carry out operations in all institutions where they are working like hotels and companies. If someone does not come to register, an act of law will be taken against such a person. Some are coming but some are not coming. One has to have a valid passport and entry visa. When he enters his passport has to be stamped then he comes to us here at immigration and we register him. We do this to know whom we can contact in case something happens to the foreigner or if the foreigner commits a crime we will go to the person who hosts him and tell him this person has done this and this. Also in case something happens between the foreign and his host of company he is working for we can open a case against them. The importance of this registration to the country is the security issue. We want to know the status of the foreigners we have here in southern Sudan.”

Mister Elias says so far there are about seven thousand foreigners in Juba who have registered with them since January this year.

The move was received with mixed reaction from the foreigners in Juba. We will sample a few of them.

[Voice 1]: “This is a very good thing. The government of southern Sudan is doing a very good thing. I think data is very important for any government to prosper. And it is good to be noted and recognized as a foreigner. As much as I am concerned, I am registered.”

[Voice 2]: “I am from Kenya. I am already registered with the migration. I have even got a license form for business. I think it is good so that it is known where we are. We also want the government to recognize us because most of us came here to look for greener pastures.”

[Voice 3]: “I am not all aware of the information. But I will register, I have no problem. I have all the documents for coming here.”

The order is effective from 23rd July and it expires on the 4th of August.
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UPDATE published on Thursday, 05 August 2010:

Here is a copy of a blog post published at Sudan Watch on Thursday, 05 August 2010:

S. Sudan Immigration Office: Foreigners registration period extended to 12 August 2010
A report published here at Sudan Watch on Sunday, 01 August 2010 received many hits and tweets from people all over the world. The report by SRS (Sudan Radio Service) first published on 27 July 2010, announced that foreigners in southern Sudan who failed to register by August 4th will be arrested.

Today, SRS reported that the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) has extended the deadline for registration for another seven days, to August 12th. Here is a copy of the report in full:

Report from SRS (Sudan Radio Service) :
Foreigners Registration Period Extended By Immigration Office
Thursday, 05 August 2010 - (Juba) – The GOSS Ministry of Internal Affairs has extended the deadline for the registration of foreigners in southern Sudan for another seven days.

Speaking to SRS in Juba on Thursday, the Director of the South Sudan Migration Office, Brigadier Elia Kosta, said that the extension of the registration period was because some of the foreigners have not yet registered.

[Elia Kosta]: “We announced that all the foreigners’ presents in Juba should come for registration within a two week period. The two weeks ended yesterday and we found that some foreigners were still coming for registration because there were some documents that we need from them. So they went to bring those documents. That is why we decided to extend the period for seven more days. This is to enable them finish their registration process. So far we have registered more than 2 thousand people.”

Kosta warned legal action would be taken against people who do not register by Thursday 12th August.



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