SUDAN WATCH: S. Sudan Immigration Office: Foreigners registration period extended to Aug 12th

Thursday, August 05, 2010

S. Sudan Immigration Office: Foreigners registration period extended to Aug 12th

A report published here at Sudan Watch on Sunday, 01 August 2010 received many hits and tweets from people all over the world. The report by SRS (Sudan Radio Service) first published on 27 July 2010, announced that foreigners in southern Sudan who failed to register by August 4th will be arrested.

Today, SRS reported that the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) has extended the deadline for registration for another seven days, to August 12th. Here is a copy of the report in full:

Report from SRS (Sudan Radio Service) :
Foreigners Registration Period Extended By Immigration Office
Thursday, 05 August 2010 - (Juba) – The GOSS Ministry of Internal Affairs has extended the deadline for the registration of foreigners in southern Sudan for another seven days.

Speaking to SRS in Juba on Thursday, the Director of the South Sudan Migration Office, Brigadier Elia Kosta, said that the extension of the registration period was because some of the foreigners have not yet registered.

[Elia Kosta]: “We announced that all the foreigners’ presents in Juba should come for registration within a two week period. The two weeks ended yesterday and we found that some foreigners were still coming for registration because there were some documents that we need from them. So they went to bring those documents. That is why we decided to extend the period for seven more days. This is to enable them finish their registration process. So far we have registered more than 2 thousand people.”

Kosta warned legal action would be taken against people who do not register by Thursday 12th August.
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UPDATE: Report by Radio Miraya - Wednesday, 04 August 2010 20:17:
S Sudan immigration office extends registration of foreigners
The southern Sudan Immigration and Passport office has extended days for registration of foreigners for one more week. The deadline expired on Wednesday; the extension is to give more time for all foreigners to register.

Speaking to Radio Miraya the Director of Immigration and Passport, Colonel Elia Costa Foustino, said that over two thousand foreigners have registered between January and August this year. Foustino said those who fail to register within the extended days will be arrested and deported.
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Snippets from reports at the website of SRS - Sudan Radio Service

Thursday, 05-Aug-2010

Wednesday, 04-Aug-2010

Tuesday, 03-Aug-2010

  • The SPLM has strongly criticized a statement made by the presidential adviser Salah Gosh, doubting the ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration concerning the Abyei boundary.

    Over the weekend, Gosh told SUNA that the ruling made by the PCA to redefine the boundaries of Abyei area did not resolve the dispute.

  • The Government of Southern Sudan says it will help media to provide information about the referendum.

    GOSS Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Barnaba Marial Benjamin, addressed a press conference in Khartoum on Monday.

  • The minister of cabinet affairs in the national government says that the remaining period towards the referendum will be the most crucial time in Sudan’s history.

    Doctor Luka Biong made the statement in a press conference in Khartoum on Monday.

    He urged the media to play its role in educating the people of southern Sudan.

  • Following recent clashes in Kalma IDP camp in South Darfur, the Government of Sudan has reverted to monitoring the activities of the mission.

  • The senior policy advisor in the ministry of commerce and industry in the GOSS is calling on the regional government to stop employing foreigners in government offices.

    The 21-year old civil war has left the region with lack of proper manpower to develop the south since 2005.

    Isaac Bior told SRS in Juba last week that employment of the foreigners is against the constitution of the country and threatens stability.

  • Doctor Samson’s body will be taken to his home in Lainya county on Thursday for burial after a series of commemorations in Juba.

Monday, 02-Aug-2010

  • The 2nd vice president of the republic, Ali Osman Taha, says that the possible independence of southern Sudan will create havoc and chaos.

    In response, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement said that secession is a much better choice for southern Sudanese who lost about 2.5 million people when the country was united.

  • The Ng’ok Dinka from the oil-rich area of Abyei have said that they will resort to the Security Council of the United Nations to ask them to intervene and demarcate the Abyei boundary.

    The Abyei Chief Administrator, Arop Deng Arop Kuol addressed a press conference in Khartoum on Sunday.

  • The government of Sudan has warned that if UNAMID goes against the rules and regulations of the country, movement restrictions will be imposed on them.

    However, the advisor to the minister of information in the government, Doctor Rabie Abdulaati, says that an agreement was reached between the government and UNAMID.

  • At least 9 people were killed in Cueibet county in Jonglei state after clashes erupted on Friday.

    Speaking to SRS on Monday from Cueibet, the county commissioner, Madhang Majok, said that the killings came as a result of revenge attacks between different communities.

  • Six UN peacekeepers died on Sunday when the land cruiser they were driving in was involved in a head-on collision with a tanker carrying gas in Nyala, the capital of south Darfur.

    Nyala police director, General Fateh el-Rahman Osman confirmed the accident to SRS from Nyala on Sunday.

    Eyewitnesses say that the tanker was coming from the opposite direction when it collided with the UNAMID landcruiser.

  • The Government of Southern Sudan has announced three days of mourning following the death of Agriculture minister Dr Samson Kwaje in Nairobi on August 1.

    The late Samson Kwaje died after he went into coma for three weeks after suffering kidney and lung complications.

    The late Dr. Samson Kwaje will be remembered for the key role he played as one of the negotiators of the Sudan peace talks in Kenya that successfully culminated in the signing of the historic Comprehensive Peace Agreement in January 2005.

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