Sunday, February 05, 2006

Peacekeeping waterpumps - East Africa a front in war on terrorism

Here's an idea: everyone in the Sudan should hand in their guns in exchange for waterpumps. In return, everyone in the West, who wants to see peace in the Sudan, would happily donate to pay for the pumps, installation and upkeep. Think about it: waterpumps could be the peacekeepers that are needed to stop tribes fighting over water holes, grazing rights, livestock and the farming of arable land.

East Africa a front in war on terrorism

Today, 5 February 2006, the Seattle Times publishes a report authored by Shashank Bengali of Knight Ridder Newspapers.

The report, first published by the Philadelphia Inquirer, was featured here at Sudan Watch on 30 January 2006, thanks to Captain Marlow.

It is about waterpumps and the war on terrorism that most Americans (and the rest of us) haven't heard of. It is a must-read.

East Africa a front in war on terrorism

Photo: Sgt. 1st Class Adam Reed, from Sidon, Miss., Jan. 17 with Somali farmers in Sankabar, Ethiopia, to check on the water pumps the U.S. military helped install in their fields. (Photo by EVELYN HOCKSTEIN courtesy Knight Ridder Newspapers) via Seattle Times, where you can click into a larger image.

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