Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ceasefire committee formed to stop the conflict between Murle and Lou-Nuer

From Sudan Radio Service 30 April 2009 (Pibor county):
A ceasefire committee formed to stop the conflict between Murle and Lou-Nuer communities has begun meeting with local authorities community leaders in Pibor county, Jonglei state.

A member of the ceasefire committee, Gatkouth Dup, spoke to Sudan Radio Service by phone from Pibor county on Thursday.

[Gatkouth Dup]: “We formed two committees, the ceasefire committee that I am a member in and the committee that will process the full reconciliation for all the counties in the conflict. That is why we decided to come to Jonglei. We started in Bor and this morning we came to Pibor.

Our mandate is to bring the two communities together, Lou-Nuer and Murle. It is disturbing to hear that our people are killing themselves and we represent them. It’s a concern for all of us. The approach is for the two communities to come together and if they agree then we can bring all the communities such as Dinka, Nuer, Murle and Anyuak communities. All eleven counties should be represented and then we can negotiate for the best reconciliation.”

Dup said the team will spend three days in Pibor then travel to Akobo, Nyirol and Uror counties on the same mission.

The teams were appointed last month by the southern Sudan Peace Commission to find a solution to the conflict between Murle and Lou-Nuer.

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