Monday, May 04, 2009

Save Darfur Coalition, ENOUGH Project, and Genocide Intervention Network came together and outlined a strategy for peace in Darfur

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Friend, with the rainy season in Darfur approaching and aid yet to be restored, we're calling for bold, agenda-setting leadership on Sudan. Join us by signing on to a citizen open letter to President Obama.

Dear Friend,

Civil disobedience is not something I would normally do. But dramatic times call for dramatic action.

Just ask Rep. John Lewis, a living civil rights hero who was arrested 40 times during the civil rights movement—and as of Monday morning, twice for Darfur.

John Lewis believes that citizens of conscience must stand up to injustice. So with aid yet to be restored to Darfur and the rainy season coming soon, he stood up. Will you join us?

We need bold leadership to restore aid and end the violence—click here to sign a citizen open letter to President Obama.

The rainy season in Darfur is coming soon, and it will only make matters worse for the over 1.1 million people at risk due to Sudan's expulsion of major aid organizations.

Yesterday, the Save Darfur Coalition, the ENOUGH Project, and the Genocide Intervention Network came together and outlined a strategy for peace in Darfur that presents the Sudanese regime with a choice:

Behind Door One: If Sudan permits unrestricted humanitarian access, secures peace in Darfur, fully implements the Comprehensive Peace Agreement for South Sudan, ensures free and fair elections in Sudan, and removes the indicted President, a clear process toward normalization of relations with the U.S. will be mapped out.

Behind Door Two: If President Bashir and his party renege on recent humanitarian commitments and continue to undermine efforts at peace, they will face diplomatic isolation, targeted multi-lateral economic sanctions, an effective multilateral arms embargo, and if necessary to stop massive loss of civilian life, targeted military action.

Now is the time for bold agenda-setting leadership to help ensure that Sudan chooses the most mutually beneficial path, and to prepare real consequences if it does not.

Add your name to the citizen open letter today.

We will end this genocide by speaking out, loudly and as one, from the steps of the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, D.C. to our homes and communities.

Please don't spare a moment before signing on to the citizen letter—it is your hard work and support that gives all of us hope.


Jerry Fowler
President, Save Darfur Coalition

P.S. I hope you will join me in thanking Representatives John Lewis, Donna Edwards, Jim McGovern, Keith Ellison, and Lynn Woolsey; Rabbi David Saperstein; and ENOUGH Project founder John Prendergast. There's no better way to show your appreciation than adding your name to the citizen open letter.

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