Thursday, March 18, 2010

Save Darfur Coalition: Darfuris don't have real representatives to vote for

HERE is a copy of an email I received at 16:21 PM GMT on Tuesday, 16 March 2010, from Martha Bixby of Save Darfur Coalition (SDC). Note that SDC says "most people still living in camps did not want to register because, as one Darfuri told them, they "don't have real representatives to vote for."
Dear friend,

We must not allow Bashir to use the upcoming elections to legitimize his brutal leadership.

Tell President Obama not to recognize the results of an illegitimate electoral process.

With Sudan's elections less than one month away, President Omar al-Bashir continues his dictatorial ways: silencing the press, shutting down peaceful rallies, arresting activists, threatening would-be voters.

And new reports from a Save Darfur team who just traveled to Sudan show that most people still living in camps did not even want to register because, as one Darfuri told them, they "don't have real representatives to vote for."

Over 30,000 Save Darfur activists have already contacted President Obama, urging him not to recognize the elections as legitimate. But we haven't heard from you yet.

Tell President Obama not to recognize fraudulent elections in Sudan as free and fair.

If the results of Sudan's election are recognized by the international community as free and fair:

The regime of an indicted war criminal will be legitimized.

The displacement of millions of Darfuris will be ratified
, justifying the endless abuse, rape, and insecurity they face in squalid camps.

The people of Darfur will continue to be silenced.

Save Darfur is working on every front to make sure the U.S. government and other world leaders do not legitimize the Sudanese election as long as the basic political freedoms for self-determination do not exist.

Our greatest strength comes from people like you, who know that taking a minute to send a message could affect the future of people in Darfur for many years to come.

Help us send a strong message to President Obama today: The United States must not recognize the results of an illegitimate election.

With your help, we'll make sure that President Obama gets the message loud and clear: no legitimacy for Bashir.

Thank you for all that you do for the people of Darfur and all of Sudan.


Martha Bixby
Save Darfur Coalition

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Also, here is a copy of the page at Save blog, linked to in email above.
No legitimacy for Bashir
We need President Obama and our elected leaders to send a message to the world that they will not recognize the results of an illegitimate electoral process,
and will not permit a fugitive of the International Criminal Court to legitimize his brutal dictatorship.

Send an email directly to the White House now and let them know you think the United States should lead the world in making sure brutal dictator Bashir is not allowed to claim legitimacy from a rigged election.

Subject: No legitimacy for Bashir

Dear Mr. President,

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Given the lack of even the most basic freedoms in Darfur and throughout Sudan, I urge you to ensure that the upcoming Sudanese elections do not legitimize a genocidal, corrupt government and instead reflect the true will of the Sudanese people.

During the upcoming elections in Sudan, please stand with me and the Sudanese people.


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