Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sudan re-arrests 15 JEM Darfur rebels

Sudan re-arrests Darfur rebels
AFP (KHARTOUM) Thursday, 18 March 2010:
Sudanese authorities have re-arrested 15 members of the rebel Justice and Equality Movement after releasing them following a truce with the Darfur group, their lawyer said on Wednesday.

The rebels were arrested when they went to Al-Fashir, the capital of north Darfur, Adam Bakr Hassab said. [...]
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JEM reiterates demand to postpone election and Khartoum re-arrests rebels
Sudan Tribune (KHARTOUM) Thursday, 18 March 2010:
Adam Bakr Hassab, said today the Sudanese authorities re-arrested them when they went to Al-Fashir, capital of North Darfur. He said they are still working to find out where they are held.

Following their release, Sudanese authorities had ordered them to remain in Khartoum, but many left the capital to western Sudan region of Darfur, unconfirmed reports say.

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