Friday, April 02, 2010

Investigate and publicise abuses that have been committed by Darfur rebels in Sudan

Quote of the Year
“I think we have to do two things, one; make very clear to these Darfur rebel leaders who are refusing to talk peace and unity - and that includes Khalil Ibrahim and Abdulwahid - that they will lose if they don’t agree. Abdulwahid is sitting in the palace; maybe he shouldn’t be allowed to stay there any more, waging a propaganda war against the peace process and unity. Maybe Khalil Ibrahim should not be treated so much as the man we talk to. If I was mediating the peace talks, I would name and shame those leaders. I would investigate and publicize abuses that have been committed by these rebel movements. There are many big abuses committed by rebel groups but they never get publicity. I would ask the people of Darfur who they would want to lead them by empowering the very civil society that both Khalil Ibrahim and Abdulwahid at the moment reject.” - Julie Flint in an interview with SRS (Sudan Radio Service) Nairobi, 02 February 2010.

Full story: SRS, 02 February 2010 - More Reality And Less Rhetoric In Darfur Urges Flint
Note that in the interview, Julie Flint called on the international community to put pressure on the Darfur rebels and to withdraw the privileges which are bestowed upon some movements. Right on Julie! Keep up the great work, you deserve a medal for your courageous reporting.

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