SUDAN WATCH: Darfur genocide - You cannot say you did not know

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Darfur genocide - You cannot say you did not know

Time to watch some short films as a reminder of what has really been going on.

Please turn up your sound and click into Physicians for Human Rights powerful flash movie on Darfur: Lives Destroyed.

The movie was produced early 2005 when Darfur's death toll was estimated at 300,000. The number has now increased to more than 400,000 and rising.

Never again is turning into "Oh no, not again". You cannot say you did not know. We must not remain silent.

Warring parties attending Darfur peace talks must not be allowed to break from negotiations until a consensus is reached on land rights and disarmament. The lives of millions of defenceless Sudanese women and children depend on it. The stability of Sudan is fundamental to the whole of the African continent.

A Comprehensive Peace Agreement for Southern Sudan was signed 9 January 2005 after 2 million Sudanese people had perished in a 21 year long war. See how in National Geographic's incredible flash movie "Shattered Sudan - Drilling for Oil, Hoping for Peace".

Don't miss Protect Darfur's 4 minute film.

View short video Not on my watch from Aegis Trust with soundtrack by Annie Lennox.

And, if you need "cheering up" after digesting all of the above, tune in to Mark Fiore's clever insightful Cartoon that says it all.

Never again is turning into

Further reading

April 29, 2005 Children's Drawings from Darfur, Sudan

BBC Panorama documentary The new killing fields

PBS Frontline World special report on Sudan

BBC archive on Janjaweed Sudan's shadowy Arab militia

MSF (Doctors Without Borders) report The Crushing Burden of Rape Sexual Violence in Darfur. (PDF file)

BBC archive In Depth Sudan provides an excellent resource and overview of the Sudan crisis.


Jan 13, 2006: Physicians for Human Rights Report "Our most revealing and authoritative portrait of genocide in Darfur"

Jan 15, 2006: Medpundit blogs an excerpt from PHR's grim report on Darfur.


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Stop Genocide in Darfur!


Wednesday, February 15, 2006  
Blogger drummerjoe93 said...

hi, my name is joe, and I'm writing a research paper on the Darfur genocide. I'm looking for eye witnesses of the genocide, and s much information as possible. if you could e-mail me the information you know at, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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