Saturday, January 14, 2006

Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Sudan stands firm, but more international support needed, UN Security Council told

UN News Centre report dated 13 January 2006 provides a link to Council Briefings by Jan Pronk and Salim Ahmed Salim 13 January 2006.

Note, Mr Jan Pronk is the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative in the Sudan and Head of the United Nations Mission there. Mr Salim Ahmed Salim is Special Envoy of the African Union for the Inter-Sudanese Peace Talks on the Conflict in Darfur.

Sudan: UN envoy says Security Council must enforce sanctions

Excerpt from above UN News Centre report:
UN Security Council must enforce its sanctions against belligerents and human rights violators in Sudan or lose credibility, the head of the UN Mission in the country (UNMIS) said.

"If even weak sanctions are not going to be implemented, the Security Council doesn't take itself seriously and they have to," Jan Pronk told reporters after briefing UN Security Council on January 13, 2006.

"They have to because otherwise the people on the ground are just laughing."

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