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Sudan proposes formation of joint army force of GOS/Rebel/AU troops for Darfur and offers to partly finance AU troops in Darfur

Unsourced article from Khartoum Jan 14, 2006 says Sudan proposed in meetings of the AU's Peace and Security Council the formation of an army representing Sudan government, the AU and the armed groups in Darfur.

AFP report Jan 15, 2006 confirms Sudan proposes tripartite force for Darfur.

IOL report Jan 15, 2006 claims such a proposal was likely to be fiercely opposed by rebel movements who want Western troops to take over from the AU peacekeepers.

See Sudan Watch archive:

October 7, 2005 John Garang proposed joint force of 30,000 AU/GOS/SPLMA troops for Darfur

April 22, 2005 Bloggers unite to support Darfur peacekeeping mission - a troika of 30,000 forces from Sudan, New Sudan and UN/AU

April 21, 2005 South Sudan: SPLM/A willing and ready to deploy 10,000 of its troops to Darfur
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Sudan offers to finance partly AU peacekeepers in Darfur

Article from Khartoum (see above) says Sudanese FM Lam Akol announced Sudan's willingness to participate in the financing of the AU troops in Darfur 'to restore peace and stability' to the region. Excerpt:
Financial problems facing the African Union's mission can be resolved by the provision of 160m US dollars, if the African member states cooperated to do so, he said Saturday at a news conference held at the Foreign Ministry.

If they want to restore and maintain security in Darfur, they have to resolve the major obstacle, he said.
Lam Akol

Photo: Sudanese Foreign Minister Lam Akol, Oct. 2004. (AFP/Salah Omar/Yahoo)

UPDATE Darfur rebel SLM rejects Sudan's tripartite force proposal

AFP report Jan 16, 2006 says Darfur's main rebel group SLM on Monday rejected Khartoum's offer to deploy joint forces alongside African Union troops. "The Sudan Liberation Movement rejects the Sudanese government's proposal ... and insists on the deployment of an international force," the rebel group said in a statement.
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Sudan should accept to hand over Darfur mission to UN - AU

AFP report Jan 14, 2006 quotes a senior AU official as saying Sudan should accept calls for the AU mission in Darfur to be handed over to the UN. Excerpt:
Patrick Mazimhaka, the deputy head of the executive AU Commission, said that as a member of AU's Peace and Security Council (PSC), Sudan was obliged to abide by the decisions of the 53-member pan-African body.

"Sudan will have to accept that decision (when it its made). They are part of the PSC, they will have to comply with it," said Mazimhaka. "All the member countries of the AU have to accept the decisions taken by majority of the PSC."
Also, AFP explains:
AU Mission in Sudan (AMIS) costs 17 million dollars (14 million euros) a month, nearly all of which is paid for by donors.

The AMIS, financed mainly by the European Union, the UN and the US, currently has some 7,800 personnel, including peacekeepers and observers, in Darfur.
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Khartoum escalates conflict in E Sudan, S Sudan, and Darfur in W Sudan

Coalition for Darfur blogs Eric Reeves' latest Analysis: Khartoum Escalates Conflict in Eastern Sudan, Southern Sudan, and Darfur.

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