SUDAN WATCH: New website Sudan Vision (Newspaper) says "US military base in south Sudan. How pitiable"

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New website Sudan Vision (Newspaper) says "US military base in south Sudan. How pitiable"

Good luck to New Sudan Vision a newly established monthly newspaper, currently available only in electronic form. Sudan Vision's website states the newspaper will be available on the internet for the first few months of its publication until the Sudanese editors based in Canada can have it relocated to Sudan or printed across North America. If you want to contribute, please email New Sudan Vision.

Mading Ngor Akec Kuai is a Sudanese student in Canada, he is one of the editors of the newly launched He can be reached at Read his 28 Feb 2006 opinion piece at Sudan Tribune 1 March 2006 entitled U.S. military base in south Sudan: How pitiable?

Update 5 minutes later: Sudan Vision's website looked pretty good when I browsed through it half an hour ago but as soon as this entry was published, the link to Sudan Vision led to a website that now looks like it is undergoing construction - everything I saw, including the above opinion piece, has now disappeared.


Blogger IJ said...

It was helpful to see the opinion of an editor of the new journal. Is this a typical view throughout the Sudan state?

"Another aspect that is worthy of discussion is the position of that of the National Congress of Field Marshal Omar H. Bashir. . . I share the same opinion with Omar Bashir that foreign troops shouldn’t set foot on Sudan soil because it is a violation of national sovereignty, hence the idea of the African solution to our problems."

However Mr. Bashir makes life harder for the people of his country. "The kind of brutality that has set Darfur ablaze is the kind of internal aggression that is intolerable and gives "others" incentives to medal in our affairs. . . Therefore, if we cannot organize ourselves, don’t we automatically invite the "experts" to exploit on our weakness? On the whole, I believe that only the UN should have a final say on the use of force on other countries . . ."

Wednesday, March 01, 2006  

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