Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sudan: Medecins du Monde opens new mobile clinics in the Thur region, South Darfur

Bravo to Medecins du Monde for rolling out mobile clinics offering access to healthcare for those living in remote areas in North Nyala, reaching the forgotten populations of Thur, Nyama and Tarontawara in the Jebel Mara region of South Darfur.

The work will serve around 40,000 people, both residents and displaced people from varied ethnic backgrounds, nomadic and settled. Impartial access to healthcare will be offered to those groups who are unable to travel for fear of attack, or even death.

Since July 2004, Medecins du Monde has provided a primary medical care centre in the Kalma refugee camp, South Darfur. Full story (Reuters) 22 March 2006.

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