Tuesday, March 21, 2006

UN Security Council Report on Darfur: Power, Wealth Sharing Agreement; All-Inclusive Dialogue; New Ceasefire; Robust peace force with broad mandate

UN Security Council's report on its meeting 21 March 2006 records a call for a power and wealth sharing agreement and an all-inclusive dialogue [hopefully, it includes tribal leaders] on Darfur plus a new ceasefire agreement and a robust peace force with broad mandate.

Also, the report notes the Darfur ceasefire agreement was violated day after day and continuing killings, rapes, human rights abuse in Darfur threaten peace in whole of Sudan, the Secretary-General's Special Representative, Jan Pronk, told the Council.

Top UN envoy calls for urgent action to counter brutality in Darfur

In a UN News Service report at ReliefWeb March 21, 2006 Jan Pronk is quoted as saying:
"My warning to the Security Council was, 'Please do not cannibalize our existing force in the South, 10,000, by taking away troops on the basis of your perception that everything is okay,' because that is not the case".
Perhaps Mr Pronk is saying some of the 10,000 UN peacekeepers agreed for South Sudan are being considered for Darfur?

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Thanks for increasing awareness for Darfur.

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