Thursday, March 23, 2006

Germany approves peacekeeping troops to Sudan

AP report confirms today the German government on Wednesday approved the extension of the involvement of German troops in the UN peacekeeping mission in southern Sudan. Excerpt:
Chancellor Angela Merkel's Cabinet approved the extension of the German involvement for six months, spokesman Ulrich Wilhelm said. Parliament must also approve the step. Germany has 28 soldiers supporting the mission, whose UN mandate runs out March 24. The UN Security Council is working on a resolution to extend it, Wilhelm said.

The mission to help enforce a peace deal between the government and rebels in southern Sudan. It is separate from the African Union mission to restore peace in a separate conflict in Sudan's western Darfur province.
German soldiers helping Sudan

Photo and caption Dec 18 2004: A Transall C-160 cargo plane is loaded at the military airbase Penzing, 50 kilometers (28 miles) west of Munich, southern Germany, on Saturday, Dec. 18, 2004. The German Bundeswehr is supporting the Mission 'African Union Mission in Sudan' with one Airbus A310 passenger plane, five Transall C-160 cargo planes and 70 soldiers, who will transport Gambian soldiers and equipment from Banjul in Gambia to El Fashir in the Darfur region in Sudan. (AP Photo/Jan Pitman)

German soldiers helping Darfur

Photo: German soldiers enter a Transall C-160 cargo plane at a military airbase in Penzing, Germany. In December 2004 German troops airlifted AU soldiers and equipment from Gambia to Darfur, Sudan. (AP Photo/Jan Pitman Dec 2004)

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