SUDAN WATCH: Eric "non-consensual intervention" Reeves is off his rocker

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Eric "non-consensual intervention" Reeves is off his rocker

GIF's News from Darfur [hat tip CFD] points to opinion pieces by American academic and activist Eric Reeves, a rebel loving American propagandist, and Daniel Davies, a British economist who is much more intelligent than Reeves. Excerpt from the piece authored by Reeves:
"It is deeply disingenuous to suggest that even an aggressively augmented AU could protect civilians in camps and rural areas, protect humanitarian workers and transport corridors, establish the security that will allow people to return to their lands - or to have any impact whatsoever on the accelerating military violence."
Vent. In another opinion piece Reeves doesn't seem able to bring himself to use the word "war" while pushing for it. He bamboozles his readers with words such as "non-consensual intervention" to con them into believing that war can sound humanitarian, less bloody, more palatable and the right thing to do. Eric Reeves is off his rocker. Makes one wonder what's in the water over there in leafy Boston. Hey Reeves, bug off out of the UK's Guardian and keep your warmongering nonsense your side of the pond. You are giving Americans a bad name. I hope your computer dies.


Anonymous Rebecca said...

How can a nation-state be at war with a peacekeeping force? It's impossible.

We have a nation trying to eliminate three ethnic populations- Fur, Zaghawa, and Massaleit, and refusing to allow the UN Peacekeeping troops in. I was in the Security Council as an NGO observer when the African Union was virtually pleading with the United Nations to come to Western Sudan- the incredible challenges from the Khartoum government and many others is too great for any one continental force. If a country violently disobeys international law at the death of hundreds of thousands of people, it itself paves the way for the presence of a UN peacekeeping force.
I want nothing but peace, reconcilation, and justice for the largest country on the second largest continent,and the United Nations needs to be there, regardless of whether the radical Northern Sudanese regime wants to cooperate or not. The vast majority of Darfuris- "the people" themselves- want the U.N. on the ground. It's the regime that wages war, not the U.N, not Eric Reeves and other analysts.
Peace and solidarity,

Sunday, September 10, 2006  
Anonymous Sudan Watch said...

Hello Rebecca, thanks. Here's my reply. Off the top of my head, my understanding is - and please correct me if I have the wording wrong - that until the reforms taking place at the UN are finalised, any UN/foreign force intervening militarily in a country against its will is an act of war that can be rightfully defended.

The self-proclaimed analysts and experts on Sudan (who mostly aren't remotely Sudanese - from what I've seen, they're mainly Blair and Bush haters living in the US and UK on a Darfur bandwagon driven by self interest, with pockets to fill, careers to boost, books to sell, movies to make, clubs to join - not to mention little empires to run that feed off donations from ordinary hard working folk) make me mad with their anti-peace actions.

They're bamboozling people through slick marketing and Machiavellian tricks and words that are way above the heads of most of us, including the poorly educated locals in Sudan and warm hearted folk in the West who don't like to think hard or see a need to do their homework before having a view on making war on Sudan.

Surely "non-consensual intervention" risks defeating the objective, creating a greater bloodbath and setting the tinder box of Africa alight? Read the placards in this photo and think about Sudan as a whole. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you want foreign troops that you did not trust invading your neighbourhood against your will?
- - -

This reply was published today here at Sudan Watch in a later 'reader's comment' entry.

Please click into this link to see the photo.

With kind regards
Ingrid (Jones)
Sudan Watch
England, UK

Sunday, September 10, 2006  
Anonymous Andreas Kiaby said...

I posted a reply here:

And here:

Sorry for the confusion.


Sunday, September 10, 2006  

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