Saturday, September 09, 2006

Khartoum meets with AU to discuss AMIS

Sep 9 2006 AFP report via ST - Sudan says open for talks after Annan Darfur warning. Excerpt
"Sudan did not close the door on dialogue with the international community" concerning the situation in Darfur, the spokesman of the Sudanese foreign affairs ministry, Jamal Mohamed Ibrahim, said Saturday.

"Sudan did not ask the AU to withdraw its forces and even if the African organisation decides to leave Darfur, there will be no security vacuum because the Sudanese government has its own plan to ensure safety in the area," said the foreign ministry's Ibrahim.

On Saturday, Ibrahim revealed that Sudanese government officials were awaiting a delegation of African Union officials to discuss their mission.

The delegation would come to "Khartoum before the meeting of the foreign ministers envisaged in New York" on September 18, Ibrahim said.

At the meeting, African Union diplomatic chiefs are to make a final decision on whether to continue or abandon their Darfur mission at the end of the month, he added.
One wonders why the wealthy Arab League countries are so slow to cough up a few billion dollars for AMIS to continue in Darfur, and why Khartoum treats African peacekeepers so poorly. See next item here below.

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Anonymous said...

Well, there is not a lot of reason to wonder for long.

Khartoum has no interest in either the AMIS nor a UN force. They just want to finish the dirty job of genocide in Darfur.

The Arab League displays more interest in being on good terms with the government of Sudan, then helping the people of Darfur. The Arab League is properly the most cumbersome of all regional organisations. No good will come from them.

Hopefully Russia and China will at one stage feel compeled og pressured to support stronger actions against Khartoum. Until then Khartoum will keep making a mock of the international community.

Thanks otherwise for an informative page.