Tuesday, September 12, 2006

UN's Annan spearheading conspiracy against Sudan

A senior Sudanese lawmaker Tuesday accused UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan of spearheading a conspiracy against the country over a plan to deploy UN peacekeepers in Darfur AP reported 12 Sep 2006 (via ST):
The US is leading the conspiracy, which "began as a political campaign in the UN and is now taking the form of a military intervention," Ismail Haj Mussa, a senior member of the Sudanese Parliament, told the official Radio Omdurman.

Mussa Tuesday also accused Annan of placing the U.N. at the disposal of the U.S. "Thanks to Kofi Annan, there is no longer an independent U.N. but only a section within the American State Department," Mussa said.
I don't find it difficult to see why the law maker would have such a view. Why is there no news of AU funding and Darfur-Darfur Dialogue? Yesterday, I'd read somewhere that US's John Bolton said we'd know in the next month or so whether Khartoum would accept the UN as peacekeepers in Darfur.

Note what UN SRSG Jan Pronk blogged 18 Aug 2006 - excerpt:
UN envoy Jan Pronk"

The solution of this crisis should be found, first, by enforcing the implementation of what has been agreed, rather than allowing the Government and the Minawi faction to disregard their commitments.

Second, by getting all parties on board (instead of alienating dissenters and attacking non-signatories) and inviting them to participate in all inclusive Darfurian institutions, whether they have signed the agreement or not (yet).

Third, by starting an all inclusive Darfur-Darfur dialogue as soon as possible and by linking this dialogue with reconstruction, return and reconciliation programmes, irrespective of the political stance of the groups concerned.

Last but not least, by establishing a robust international peace force, capable to deter and contain old and new assailants, Janjaweed as well as NRF, bandits as well as warlords.

The DPA is more than a security arrangement. However, without an improving security situation all other elements of the DPA are bound to fail."
Good luck Mr Pronk. You work very hard for the people of Sudan and are doing a great job.

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