SUDAN WATCH: Sudan Watch blog and The Oslo Blog are at odds re military intervention in Darfur

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sudan Watch blog and The Oslo Blog are at odds re military intervention in Darfur

Here's saying a warm hello to Andreas of The Oslo Blog, thanks for your reply to Reader's comment: "How can a nation-state be at war with a peacekeeping force? It's impossible".

Andreas is 24, studying Human Rights at Oslo University and Norwegian Center for Human Rights. His reply is highlighted here incase other readers feel up to sharing some thoughts and contributing to the discussion. It's emotionally draining and lonesome blogging Darfur. So many depressing news reports and sites to read up on when posting here. I sure could do with hearing from others who are concerned about Sudan, even if they don't agree with me. I rarely find any bloggers who share the same views on Sudan as I do. Drima of The Sudanese Thinker blog seems to be the only one. See Drima's thoughts on Darfur & the Continuing Dilemma. (Hi Drima, hope you are reading this). Comments would be welcomed at The Oslo Blog or in the Reader's comment post here below, or by email. Thanks.

PS I agree with Alex de Waal when he says, quote:
"I think the key thing to bear in mind is that the solution to Darfur is a political solution. No solution can be imposed by any amount of arm twisting, any amount of bluster, any amount of military force. Even if we sent 100,000 NATO troops, we would not be able to impose a solution. The solution has to come through political negotiation. And that, unfortunately, is a very slow process."

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Anonymous Andreas Kiaby said...

Well IJ - You are not alone.

I enjoy your work - so keep it up. I am sure our (if I could be so dramatic) actions does help a little somewhere.

Alex is not all wrong. I agree a solution should be political. But I am also sure that we have to create the room for negotiations with a peacekeeping force.

Sunday, September 10, 2006  

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