SUDAN WATCH: American Eric Reeves, professor of English and Sudan expert, says "we" have failed Darfur

Monday, July 25, 2005

American Eric Reeves, professor of English and Sudan expert, says "we" have failed Darfur

Eric Reeves, an American professor of English at Smiths College in Cambridge, MA lays out a fantastical plan for NATO intervention in Darfur - quote:
Disarming the Janjaweed must be done in a head-on manner by NATO troops, for the militias are not a true military force and would be overwhelmed quickly if they resisted in the face of well-trained, well-armed NATO forces operating with robust rules of engagement.
In your dreams Eric. Military intervention is an act of war. As stated here in previous posts, waging war on the Sudan would make Iraq look like a picnic and defeat the whole object of getting humanitarian relief to the millions of Sudanese people in need.

It never ceases to amaze me how Eric keeps on pushing for Western troops to wage war on the Sudan. White man waging war on Africa to overthrow the Islamic regime in Khartoum (which is what military intervention would entail) could bring out every jihadist and set the tinder box of Africa alight. Aid workers would be expelled from the country and aid supplies disrupted. Eric appears to have no military experience or travelled much beyond his desk in leafy Boston. I often wonder about his motives but cannot fathom what they might be.

As pointed out here before, only 10% of Americans are passport holders. Most Americans do not appear to have a clue how the rest of the world really ticks. One can only conclude that Eric Reeves, along with the silly NBC reporter who overshadowed Condoleezza Rice's visit to Khartoum, is a good example of one.

The President of Sudan was recently quoted as saying to Condoleezza Rice if the Janjaweed were disarmed it would create genocide. He has a point.

In his plan for military intervention by NATO, Reeves says "we" have failed Darfur and to mitigate this failure we should wage war on the Sudan. What a cheek. Speak for yourself Eric.



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