Saturday, July 16, 2005

Families and Terrorists - And the only solution to terrorism - Downing Street's list of Al Qaida inspired attacks

A few days ago, Downing Street released a list of Al Qaida inspired terror attacks.

Today, a BBC report on the evil of the London bombers' idealogy quotes British Prime Minister Tony Blair as saying: "This is the battle that must be won. A battle not just about terrorist methods, but their views ... It cannot be beaten, in my view, except by confronting it, symptoms and causes, head on." Mr Blair denied there was a "clash of civilisations" and said that all people, including Muslims, were united in their abhorrence of terrorist activities.
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Over the past week, after suggesting in a comment at Clive Soley's post on the London bombs that relatives of foreign nationals who commit an act of treason in Britain are stripped of their UK residency/passports, I recall something from years ago about relatives being held responsible for the financial debts of family members - and I saw this post by American blogger Don Park which told me I was not the only one making such a suggestion:

"... To stem the tide of terrorism, key terrorist origin and destination countries need to pass legislations that severely penalize families of terrorists. This will force parents of potential terrorists to take more interest in knowing what their children are up to and curb them away from their destructive path. Also this will raise the ante for suicide bombers so they'll have to put more than just their worthless lives on line.

Also, we need to put up fake Al-Qaeda recruiting websites. While the same can be done by closely monitoring the real ones, this approach offers more options. Trapped and turned, they can help us infiltrate the real ones.

These are, no doubt, extreme measures but I fear terrorism will spread like cancer if steps like these are not taken. Even now, pro Al-Queda communities are spreading. Even in Korea, an Al-Queda fan club was recently formed. It was promptly shutdown upon discovery but, by that time, its membership was 100+. While most of them were probably joking when they were carelessly posting about blowing things up, I am pretty sure a handful of them were not. Left alone, there are no limits to what misguided youths can do. ..."

See comments Don received at his post Families and Terrorists.
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And the only solution

Somebody just emailed me this message which puts the only solution to terrorism in a nutshell, and into the correct perspective:

".....'The root cause of almost all terrorism, for perhaps 10,000 years, has been a widely held belief in the existence of conflicting Gods who protect and reward (or penalise) their adherents. There is no empirical evidence anywhere supporting this very dubious hypothesis. As long as such a highly irrational belief continues to shackle mankind, successful terrorists will continue to provide headlines for a venal media, which is what they are trying to do. Let's get used to it and shut up'. ..."


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