Friday, July 08, 2005

G8: 50 billion dollars for Africa aid - 3 billion for Palestinian authority - London Bombing 50 fatalities and growing

At the moment it is one o'clock Friday afternoon here in England and I am watching television news broadcast live from Gleneagles.

Surrounded by everyone attending the G8 summit, Tony Blair, president of the G8, is standing at a podium giving a press statement.

Part of the big announcement is 3 billion dollars to help the Palestinian authority live side by side in peace plus a 50 billion dollar uplift in aid for Africa along with a plan of action for Africa, in partnership with Africa. On the environment the G8 agreed a plan of action that will initiate global dialogue November 1st with the first meeting set to take place in Britain.
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Desperate hunt for clues to capture the killers

News reports say Britain's most intensive manhunt - on an international scale - is underway, the largest in British criminal history. Forensics are doing a painstaking search for clues in order to capture the killers.

So far there are 50 fatalities. 24 hours after the blast, emergency services are still trying to recover bodies at Russell Square station, one of the deepest tunnels on the London Underground. As many as 20 bodies could be retrieved. A makeshift morgue has been set up nearby.

Rescuers are reporting extreme difficulties getting to the front carriage. The complex operation could take time to complete because the train just fits inside the tunnel, without any space surrounding. The train is 400 yards into the tunnel and part of the tunnel has collapsed. The tiniest of fragments might lead to what, and who, caused this. Even a SIM card from a mobile phone could, like the Madrid bombings, lead to the killers. Hours of CCTV footage might show someone entering a station with a bag and leaving without one. Investigators are checking through mobile phone records to see if the bombers made calls upon entering the stations. Reports say a bomb weighing less than 10 pounds was left inside the front doors of the front carriage. Prince Charles and Camilla were just interviewed visiting some of the victims.

An official interviewed on TV said: "We assume it's over. It may not be. The people who did this, are still out there."

Most Londoners remain defiant and refuse to be cowed. People interviewed say they are getting on with their lives, putting their heads down and cracking on with things. Schools are closed. Some people are working from home but most businesses have given people the day off work as police advice was to stay away from London. Rail services are pretty much back to normal and running on time. City workers who made the journey into London this morning by public transport admit it was a nervous journey. Business is back to normal on the Stock Exchange. Share prices have recovered. Kings Cross mainline station is now open. Madrid sent heartwarming messages of sympathy and solidarity. Consensus among commenters seems to be that common sense and calmness are strong British characteristics. Terrorists will never achieve their aims - what do they want? does anybody know?

British flag outside US State Department

Photo: Police officers raise a British flag in front of the State Department in Washington, D.C., Thursday, July 7, 2005, in remembrance of those killed in the London bombings. It was the first time a foreign flag has been raised at the State Department.

(AP Photo/Yuri Gripas) via Publius Pundit via Instapundit who links to TigerHawk's post on Sir Rudy's BBC interview in London.

Boing Boing has updates and photos related to London bombings, blog coverage and Wikipedia.

Four candles

Thank you to Eric at in America for his message of sympathy and condolence and link to Beliefnet which has a major prayer circle going on for the victims of Thursday's bombings in London.


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Anonymous said...

I am thanking my wonderful angels who are working overtime to keep me safe. If I had not been in Edingurgh campaigning outside Gleneagles and at the Live8 consert then I would have been at KingsX around the time the bombs exploded there, on my way to work. My friend who was also with me usually takes bus 30 which was the bus that was ripped in half - we are feeling very lucky! We drove straight back to London as we all had boyfriends who were in the city. We arrived at 8pm and all was quiet and calm. Today I am in the office, things are feeling quite normal but subdued and surreal. I took my bike in today and don't think I'll ever take pubic transport again.

I am feeling ANGRY, not with the stupid terrorists who are obviously emotionally and mentally disturbed but with our G8 leaders who will always deal with these matters with increased security more military spending, less civil rights and ultimately war etc etc. They need to tackle this problem at its root, they need to change our foreign policies so we stop damaging other countries through our free trade policies, carbon dioxide over consumption, badly distributed aid, arms trading with corrupt regimes, doing business with corrupt regimes not to mention bloody supporting (terrorist) groups that benefit us at any particular moment in history without considering the longterm effects of this. War will never bring lasting peace!
The Make Poverty History campaign, led by Bob Geldof has been building up momentum massively over here, he has brought issues of global poverty and injustice to the mainstream population, he has mobilised populist musicians and filmstars from across the spectrum. At the Live8 consert we had a range of pop bands ending with James Brown, from comedians to filmstars, from politicians to activists of all generations, colours and backgorunds up on stage together with the same, strong message. This is the biggest mobilisation of people for a cause like this ever in history, the feeling on Wed night was sooo strong, positive and empowering.
Yesterdays events are a perfect excuse for Blair and Bush to not consider the longer term more sustainable options that MPH are suggesting but to resort to panic solutions (that also benefit them and the economy) of increased security and 'what the heck lets go bomb a country for good measure, we always have the excuse that its for the safety of our people, national security'... and all that bollocks!

My message to the G8 leaders is to think beyond getting your votes at the next election, think beyond your narrow minded political (or it is business) interests think ahead into the future for the good of all humanity, its not about national borders anymore, there are no borders in this global world (except in your minds), we need sustainable, peaceful, healing, holistic, precautionary approaches and solutions!

Lets hope that this attack was not just a warning!