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Sudan's TMC Hemeti and AFC al-Rabie sign deal

NOTE from Sudan Watch Editor: Sudan's big deal was signed today amidst banners saying "Sudan's joy". I fear for what lays ahead. The old regime has not vanished and Hemeti, a psychopathic camel herding upstart mercenary from Chad, who has four wives and hates politics, doesn't fit in with Khartoum's elite and its social scene.

Sixteen years ago I started this blog Sudan Watch during which time I lost count of the number of agreements signed in Sudan. They all ended up being worth less than the paper they were written on. 

The ink wouldn't be dry before fights started between rebels and government troops. Rebels would then fall out with each other and split into different groups with new names. How else could they make a living?

In the early years I lost count of the number of rebel groups after noting 48. In my view, today's deal is no different from all the others. The youngsters protesting in Khartoum were babies when this blog started.  Sad to say they'll be disillusioned, soon. 

South Sudan is, I believe, a failed state and Sudan is on the brink of becoming one. I wonder whether Sudan and South Sudan are governable. They're so diverse and backward in many ways. They need water.

Sudanese civilians living far from Khartoum are still suffering being attacked and killed. Recent floods caused unhealthy conditions. People are in need of mosquito nets and medicines especially for malaria.

Meanwhile, South Sudan government officials are proposing a house be built for ex-rebel President Kiir in his home town and a private jet be bought for him. He spends tons on constant unnecessary travels. Puke.

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Dated 17 August 2019 - 15:53 AFP.COM
Sudan generals, protest leaders sign transition deal
Heads of state from several countries attended the ceremony in Khartoum
Sudan's protest leader Ahmad Rabie (R), flashes the victory gesture alongside General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan (2nd-R), the chief of Sudan's ruling Transitional Military Council (TMC), during a ceremony where they signed a "constitutional declaration" that paves the way for a transition to civilian rule, in the capital Khartoum on August 17, 2019. Picture: EBRAHIM HAMID / AFP

Khartoum - Sudan's military council and protest leaders on Saturday signed a hard-won "constitutional declaration" that paves the way for a transition to civilian rule.

The agreement was signed by Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, deputy chief of the military council, and Ahmed al-Rabie, representing the Alliance for Freedom and Change protest umbrella, an AFP reporter said.

Heads of state, prime ministers and dignitaries from several countries -- including Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Egypt's premier Mustafa Madbuli -- attended the ceremony in Khartoum, and the signing was met with applause.

The constitutional declaration builds on a political declaration that was agreed by the military and protesters on July 17.

It formalises the creation of a transition administration that will be guided by an 11-member sovereign council, comprised of six civilians and five military figures.

The agreement follows nearly eight months of protests -- initially against longtime autocrat Omar al-Bashir, who fell in April, and then against the military council that deposed him.

Talks between the protesters and the military were mediated by the African Union and Ethiopia, which brought the two sides together again even after a protest sit-in outside military headquarters was brutally dispersed by men in military fatigues on June 3.

Some 120 people were killed during that crackdown, according to doctors linked to the protesters.

The signing ceremony started with Sudan's national anthem, followed by a reading of verses from the Koran and the Old Testament, while the words "Sudan's joy" were emblazoned on banners. AFP
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Hemeti BBC interview broadcast ahead of signing ceremony

A BBC News online report dated Saturday 17 August 2019 states that the above mentioned deal was signed by Hemeti and Lt-Gen Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan for the military council, and Ahmed al-Rabie for the Alliance for Freedom and Change umbrella group of pro-democracy protesters.

“We will stick to every single letter we have agreed on," Hemeti told the BBC's Zeinab Badawi in an interview (see below) broadcast ahead of the ceremony.

"Even without the agreement we [would] have to work in this direction because it's in the country's interest," he added. 

"Therefore we have to carry out the agreement, stick to it and support it."

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