SUDAN WATCH: Norway's NRC concerned about UN aid cut in Darfur

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Norway's NRC concerned about UN aid cut in Darfur

Norewegian Refugee Council report today says UNHCR's announced cut in activities in Darfur is another clear testimony that the international community and Sudanese authorities lack the ability to create the necessary humanitarian space for humanitarian actors to assist the Sudanese civilian population.

Kalma Camp, South Darfur

Photo: African Union soldier at Kalma camp for internally displaced people near Nyala, southern Darfur, Sudan. The placard reads: "We need international forces to protect us." (Andrew Heavens)

90,000 people in Kalma Camp, Nyala, S Darfur, W Sudan

Norway's NRC has many large humanitarian programs in Sudan.

In Nyala South Darfur NRC coordinates humanitarian work in Sudan's largest camp for internally displaced persons, Kalma, where more than 90.000 people live in temporary shelters.

NRC distributes food to 50.000 internally displaced persons in South Darfur, and it depends on a continuous monitoring of the security situation, which enables staff to implement field operations without in the process risking their own lives.

Further reading:

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