SUDAN WATCH: Chad army fights FUC rebel attack in Ade near Sudan border

Monday, July 03, 2006

Chad army fights FUC rebel attack in Ade near Sudan border

Chadian rebels attacked an eastern town near the border with Sudan on Monday but the government said its soldiers had put down the assault, killing several insurgents and taking a number of prisoners. In turn, the rebels said they had entered the town of Ade and claimed victory for their fighters, saying they were chasing off fleeing remnants of the government force. It was not immediately possible to verify either version of events.

"After violent clashes, forces under the command of Colonel Mahamat Hassane Al-inghaz have just entered the town of Ade," Albissaty Saleh Allazam, spokesman for the United Front for Democratic Change (FUC), told Reuters. "These forces ... are chasing government troops who are fleeing," he said.

Ade lies some 750 km (470 miles) east of the capital N'Djamena. - Reuters July 3, 2006. [Note how the rebels use Reuters]

JEM rebels speaking on radios

Photo: Members of the JEM (Justice Equality Movement) speak on radios near the village of Tere in the Mestre area of western Sudan near to the border with Chad, August 19, 2004. A new alliance of Darfur rebel commanders and political parties have attacked a town on the road to the capital Khartoum, declaring a 27-month-old truce dead, rebels and officials said on Monday. (Reuters/Luc Gnago/Yahoo News)


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