Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sudanese President considers the war in Palestine, South Lebanon and Darfur as one war

July 13, 2006 SANA Syria report Sudanese President Criticizes International Silence over Israeli Offensive - copy in full:
President Omar Hasan al-Basher of Sudan criticized Thursday the international community silence over Israeli violations in Palestine and Lebanon.

Al-Basher, speaking at an assembly of more than 10 thousand youths from National Conference in Khartoum, considered "the war in Palestine, South Lebanon and Darfur as one war", renewing rejection of any foreign interference in the Sudanese province of Darfur.   

Meanwhile, Russian former Premier Yevgeny Primakov announced that the Israeli attack in Lebanon is an uncovered aggression and a real war.

Primakov, speaking to the Russian NTV Channel, warned against escalation of Israeli offensive, saying that there is no way out of this situation except by negotiations and "if Israel rejects negotiations, it will hold responsibility for that."
July 13 2006 UN News Centre report - Secretary-General sends top advisers to Middle East to defuse crisis; calls key leaders


Note, Gaddafi lashes out at 'backward society' in Middle East.

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