Monday, July 24, 2006

Salva Kiir speech to Sudanese community in US Omaha

Excerpt from speech of Sudanese First Vice-President Salva Kiir in a meeting with the Sudanese community in Omaha, Nebraska on July 22, 2006:
Lastly, but not least, my most important message to all of our people inside Sudan and those of you in the Diaspora is that, unite! Our disunity is our greater enemy. I appeal to you all to reject your tribes, and unite under one tribe, the SPLM!!! Our disunity will not overcome the challenges ahead of us. Our disunity will not make us vote properly, and wisely when the day of the referendum comes. You all know that our final destiny depends on our unity. No nation in Africa and other parts of the world is built by one tribe. SPLM Oyeee! Thank you.
Salva Kiir

Photo: Salva Kiir is addressing the SPLM Chapter leaders in North America at the Marriott Hotel in Washington, USA. Full speech (Sudan Tribune)

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