SUDAN WATCH: Douglas Farah: Intelligence report links Al Qaeda to Janjaweed in Sudan

Monday, July 10, 2006

Douglas Farah: Intelligence report links Al Qaeda to Janjaweed in Sudan

Not sure about this opinion piece but I am filing it here for future reference as it claims a recent international intelligence document says there are credible reports that a cadre of about 15 al Qaeda operatives in Sudan are providing training to troops under the control of Janjaweed leader Musa Hilal.

See July 10 2006 Douglas Farah opinion piece entitled Intelligence Report Links Al Qaeda to Janjaweed in Sudan. Excerpt:
The confidential report says the trainers are foreigners who have arrived in Sudan from Kenya, Mali, Libya, Somalia and southern Egypt, and possibly Yemen. There are indications the cadre came out of Afghanistan and Iraq to join the janjaweed for training and combat.

The report suggests that in the last week of April 2006, Arab militia have left from Kabkabiya, Misteria and Fata Borno. Their movement has allegedly been ordered by the prominent Janjaweed leader Musa Hilal.

Hilal who is allegedly being supported by Al Osman Mohamed Taha (VP) has recently received 20 Toyota vehicles from VP Taha. It was also reported that the go-between person for VP Taha and Musa Hilal is a military officer whose name is Saeed (last name not yet known). Assisting him in some of his efforts is a person called Mohamed Suleiman Rabi who is a "waha" or chief of some of the Arab Nomads especially around the Mallit area.

Other report suggests that an Arab chief by the name of Mohamed Quiness Toe (last name spelt phonetically) who is from the Old Rashead tribe, received 17 vehicles from an unknown sponsor who then transported them to Giri village, one of the three suspected training camps.


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