SUDAN WATCH: JEM/NRF insists attack on Hamrat al-Sheikh, N Kordofan was not a violation of ceasefire that applies only to Darfur

Friday, July 07, 2006

JEM/NRF insists attack on Hamrat al-Sheikh, N Kordofan was not a violation of ceasefire that applies only to Darfur

July 4 2006 Middle East Online report - 12 killed as Darfur conflict spills over - excerpt:
Officials from the groups created the National Redemption Front (NRF) after talks in the Eritrean capital and reaffirmed their opposition to the Abuja agreement.

The front is made up of the JEM, a holdout faction of the SLM, and the Sudan Federal Democratic Alliance, according to a "founding declaration" which was released in Asmara.

According to the Khartoum daily Al-Sahafa, the NRF claimed the attack on the town of Hamrat al-Sheikh.

"The parties which have not signed the Abuja agreement wanted to deliver a message to the government they are a force that cannot be ignored and that they are demanding a comprehensive peace," NRF leaders said in the claim.

Al-Sahafa quoted an NSF field commander, Abubakr Hamid, as saying his forces would "withdraw from the town today (Tuesday), or tomorrow in two groups, one heading east towards Khartoum and another north toward the Northern State."

The Front "possesses a strike force that can reach any region in the Sudan," he warned, while insisting the attack was not a violation of the ceasefire agreement which he said "applies only to Darfur."
June 30 2006 JEM-Ibrahim expands by forming alliance with SFDA & Darfur rebel holdouts to deal with all the issues of Sudan: National Redemption Front (NRF)

July 3 2006 JEM-NRF rebels attack Hamra al-Sheikh town in North Kordofan, Sudanese planes deployed - GoS

July 3 2006 United Nations Sudan Situation Report 02 July 2006: On 30 June, in Asmara, Darfur rebel leaders founded the National Redemption Front (NDF). The NRF's Founding Declaration flagged a forthcoming statement on its position regarding the DPA. The signatories include Dr Khalil Ibrahim, the leader of JEM, Mr Ahmed Ibrahim Diraige (Chairman) and Dr Sharif Harir of the Sudan Federal Democratic Alliance and Khamis Abdalla Abakar, formerly SLA-Abdul Wahid Deputy Chairman. Abdul Wahid, the leader of the SLA-Abdul Wahid faction, did not sign the declaration.

July 6 2006 JEM/NRF attack Hamrat Al Sheik, Kordofan - Snr Sudanese govt officials met delegation of JEM faction who'd signed Declaration of Commitment to DPA


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