SUDAN WATCH: Pronk's statement on oil fields protection is inexact - Sudanese MP

Friday, July 28, 2006

Pronk's statement on oil fields protection is inexact - Sudanese MP

July 28, 2006 SMC/ST article says a Sudanese member of parliament claims a statement made by UN SGSR Jan Pronk on the issue of the protection of oil fields in southern Sudan is inexact [see previous entry here below] - excerpt:
The Energy and Mining Committee at the National Assembly has expressed its surprise at the statements made by the UN secretary-general's representative, Jan Pronk, were he warned against the disruption of security in the south because of what he termed was an oil protecting militia.

In a statement to pro ruling National Congress Party, The Sudanese Media Centre, the chairman of the energy and mining committee in parliament, Hussein Marnot, said the protection of oil companies was the direct responsibility of the armed forces and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement.

He described Pronk's statement regarding these militia forces as "incorrect".

Marnot said the militia Pronk was referring to was in the process of adopting a legal status by joining the SPLM or the armed forces, according to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

He noted that the groups operating under the name "oil security" were regular forces that protected oil fields and companies.

He said, "This takes place through coordination between the Ministry of Oil, police, as well as the armed forces. The description of militia does not befit these forces".
New oil platforms

Photo: New oil platforms are constructed, Saturday, Dec. 17, 2005 near Kotch in southern Sudan.


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