SUDAN WATCH: Sudan considers international Muslim troops for Darfur

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sudan considers international Muslim troops for Darfur

According to the Dutch development minister, Agnes van Ardenne, the EU, together with the UN and the US, had succeeded in getting Khartoum to agree to the establishment of a UN force in Darfur, Radio Netherlands Vanessa Mock reported July 18, 2006 - excerpt:
Speaking at an international conference on Darfur in Brussels, van Ardenne said Khartoum had now bowed to international pressure, but only on condition that AU forces would form part of the UN mission. "[The Sudan government] will not accept a new force. They will only accept the same force under the umbrella of the UN. And now we've understood more clearly what was hampering them before. ... AU troops will remain on the ground, they will be strengthened, more equipped and will operate under the UN umbrella."

Ms Van Ardenne said she was hopeful that the new mission would be ready by the end of the year and said the Netherlands would help train AU troops for deployment under the UN.
On or around 19 July 2006 Sudan's Foreign Minister, Dr Lam Akol, announced that the Sudanese government will submit to the United Nations on 1 Aug a plan to change the situation on the ground in Darfur.

According to an article at the Sudan Tribune 23 July 2006, London based Asharq Alawsat daily newspaper says a plan to deploy Arab and Muslim troops in Darfur is being prepared by the Sudanese security and intelligence organs as well the armed forces. The article points out that former US President Bill Clinton suggested on Sunday 16 July that Sudan accepts UN forces from Muslim countries. "Sudan should be pressured to accept international troops from Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh and others to help maintain peace and order in Darfur," Clinton told an audience at AU headquarters.

On 18 July 2006, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said he will propose to the Security Council a new level of support to AMIS - UN peacekeepers will come from Africa and Asia as helpers.

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