SUDAN WATCH: Sudanese parliament ratifies Darfur Peace Agreement

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sudanese parliament ratifies Darfur Peace Agreement

Sudanese parliament ratifies Darfur peace deal - July 1, 2006 Sudan Tribune:
The Sudanese federal parliament today ratified the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) signed between Sudanese government and one rebel faction last may with crushing majority.

The National Assembly in a session headed by the speaker, Ahmed Ibrahim Tahir, ratified the African Union brokered DPA with all members saying yes to the exception of one who voted nay, the state-run SUNA reported.

The National Assembly reaffirmed its support and backing for the agreement and called on the international community and the world organizations to fulfill their pledges of providing material support and assistance for the reconstruction of the region.

The Legislature has urged the parties that did not sign the agreement to join the Darfur-Darfur peace process, urging Sudanese people to come up with their assistance for the rehabilitation of the areas affected by the war.

The May 5 peace deal for Sudan’s western region was signed by only one of three rebel negotiating factions in the Nigerian capital Abuja.

The MPs have stressed during their deliberation their unequivocal support for the DPA.

Majzoub Khalifa, the Assistant to the President of the Republic and head of the government delegation to the peace talks in Abuja, Nigeria, has stressed that the DPA has now entered the full implementation phase with the security arrangements committee and the committee for the release of the detainees having begun their activities.

Yasser Arman the head of the parliamentarian group of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement has stressed that the movement backs the agreement, calling for opening the door of dialogue and reconciliation with all parties.

On 26 June in addressing a pro-ruling National Congress demonstration, the Speaker of the Assembly, al-Tahir, renewing Sudan’s rejection to any foreign troops.

He referred to the unanimous decision issued by the National Assembly in last February, which affirmed that it incarnated the unity of Sudan, saying that the independence of Sudan was declared from the Parliament "Once more, the parliament records a historic stance in rejecting any foreign troops in Darfur," al-Tahir told the crowds.


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