SUDAN WATCH: Tension mounts within Darfur SLM-Minawi streams - Better the devil you know, than the one you don't

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Tension mounts within Darfur SLM-Minawi streams - Better the devil you know, than the one you don't

Pinpointing the truth of what's behind the slippery marauding gangs of guerillas in the Sudan is like trying to nail down mercury. No doubt there will be more news of gun toting poseurs in the Sudan jockeying for media limelight this weekend as the AU summit begins. I am sick of reading about people who love making war and killing. They stink! Lock them up!
Excerpt from unsourced article at Sudan Tribune (Paris) June 30, 2006 Tension mounts within Darfur SLM-Minawi streams:
The SLM political advisor and external relations Secretary Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim, supported Friday the suspension of the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) announced by the SLM spokesperson Esam Edin al-haj earlier this week.

Ibrahim said this suspension does not imply dissidence within the SLM except if the supporters of signed deal - within the movement - decide not to respect the point of view of Darfur people, SLA forces and members of the movement.

Some SLM delegation members in Khartoum disapproved al-Haj statement issued on 27 June. The SLM spokesperson announced the suspension of the DPA implementation saying SLM institutions not concerned by decision taken by those who are favourable to the peace deal.

Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim, was the head of the SLA's conference organising committee held at the end of October last year. He played a key role at Haskanita conference in the enthronization of Minni Minaw as SLM chairperson.

Slowly but surely cleavage is taking shape within the SLM-Minawi group, the anti-peace deal group says representing the main stream within the movement. Nonetheless, they insist on the necessity to maintain the unity of the rebel group.

Ibrahim underlines that since the day of the signing of DPA in Abuja it was agreed to hold an extraordinary conference to discuss the signed deal and determine a common position but the meeting is never held and advance delegations went to Khartoum to implement the DPA.

The SLM political advisor warned that the day where people will start to implement the security arrangements in the DPA they will verify who is really control the ground.

This development came in the same day where three Darfur rebel groups inked in Asmara the founding declaration of a new rebel National Redemption Front (NRF). Sudan Tribune has learned that the new group discusses with the SLM-Minawi mainstream how they can join the newly created platform.

The SLM led by Abdelwahid al-Nur refused to ink the NRF declaration because the secular al-Nur group rejects any alliance with the Islamist Khalil Ibrahim.
Would you vote any of these gun runners into government in order for them to work intelligently, efficiently, fairly on your behalf and spend your taxes honestly and wisely in your best interests? Me neither.

An old saying springs to mind here: "Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't know." Khartoum regime appears to work hard at holding Sudan together. It can't be easy. Sudan is the size of Europe. For sure, Messrs Bashir and Taha have nerves of steel and work extremely hard in their jobs. It's astonishing to read how much they deal with. The experience they've gained in government over the years cannot be surpassed. Surely it is in the best interests of Sudan and its neighbouring countries for the current regime to remain in power and make the most of the opportunities it now has to get the country out of debt. Sudan has so much going for it and could have a great future ahead. I'd like to see it make more of its history, culture, climate and weather and, given enough flowing water, create mass employment by expanding its agricultural base and not be so reliant on oil.


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