SUDAN WATCH: Blogging Drima, The Sudanese Thinker at the UN: Where are the educated political parties that should be governing Sudan?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Blogging Drima, The Sudanese Thinker at the UN: Where are the educated political parties that should be governing Sudan?

Aug 1, 2006 blog entry by Sudanese blogger Drima of The Sudanese Thinker - excerpt:

"Rape & Murder To Enforce Peace!
Those are the strategies being employed to enforce the peace deal by the SLA rebels who signed the peace deal. Minnawi denies those crimes happened. My foot! It's a known fact that rebels participated in many of the atrocities committed before. I'm sick of this conflict being portrayed by the media as "ooh evil Arabs VS poor Africans, Africans need UN troops' help to fight evil Arabs".

Current regime and Bashir = ex-rebels

Salva Kiir and SPLM = ex-rebels

Now Minnawi as Vice President = ex-rebel

We're being ruled by freaking ex-rebels. Ex-Rebels who killed and murdered to get to where they are today. Where are the educated political parties that should be governing?"
- - -


Few individuals have the potential to make a big difference to the lives of millions of impoverished people. I believe Drima is one of the gifted few and hope he ends up in politics. His intelligence, humanity, humility and friendly sense of humour would make him a fun politician and a great joiner of people. John Garang was U.S. educated. Kofi Annan started at Harvard. Hopefully, I'll live long enough to see the day when Drima is seated in a real position of power at the UN.

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Excerpt from recent blog entry by Drima (not his real name) pictured here, above and below, in photos he blogged during his recent travels across the U.S. that included a visit to the UN's HQ in New York:
"I've got 2 more years to graduate from university. I'll be 21 that time. I'll work for a while to get some experience and after that I truly hope to do my postgraduate studies in either Canada or America. I aim to get accepted in Syracuse, Princeton, Harvard or maybe Ottawa's Carlton. Big dreams for a small man huh? I always like to tell people something. Either I'm too small for my dreams and they're not really that big or I really am very big but my dreams are just way bigger. Time will tell. Until then, I'll always keep dreaming and thinking. That's why I am Drima, The Sudanese Thinker."

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Excerpt from July 21 2006 blog entry by Drima re his recent trip to the USA:
"Thank you America for giving me such a good time. I'm glad my visa was approved and that it gave me the chance to witness this great country for myself. I truly loved and enjoyed my stay here. A big thank you too to all the wonderful people I've met for being so hospitable and friendly. Please be sure that I'm not saying this for "sucking up" purposes. I really do mean what I say. You people really aren't bad at all and you certainly don't deserve the "infidel" label. Thanks again and peace out. I leave back to Malaysia today."

Excerpt from July 29 2006 blog entry by Drima re Bashir: Darfur Would Be UN Troops' Graveyard:
"If the UN wants to freaking help then they should just reinforce the AU troops. Why is it so difficult for them to understand that?"
Yes Drima, why indeed? Pressure on US President GW Bush from misguided activists, I suspect. Media attention and pressure sure helps political activists, donors and aid agencies. Northern Uganda and DR Congo, where far worse things are happening, attract nowhere near the same amount of limelight, compassion, assistance, attention or funding.


Excerpt from July 31, 2006 blog entry by Drima re Pushing For UN Troops:
"Okay so previously I've talked about how I appreciate Save Darfur's great job in bringing Darfur to the attention of the American public and the world but NOW I don't really think I like THIS. They're organizing a concert with the aim of pushing for UN troops to be sent to Darfur. I've explained before in a simple and straight forward way why I believe the UN troops won't improve the situation. There is strong opposition to UN troops in Sudan and it's growing more by the day. Even Darfur tribal leaders are opposed to UN troops. I'll say it again only with some updates.

Darfur previously = Disaster

Darfur now = STILL a disaster but to a lesser extent

Darfur + UN troops = Bigger disaster

Darfur + AU troops reinforced by UN & NATO = HUGE improvements.

Darfur + UN troops + Al Qaeda = One big ass GIGANTIC Disaster !!!

People, pleeeeeeeeeeease tell me you get it. How can I make it simpler than this to understand? Pleeeeeeeease tell me you understand when I say that UN troops will NOT make things more humanitarian for the people of Darfur. [edit]

I would not mind the UN troops if

1- there was no local opposition to them
2- I was sure Al-Qaeda isn't serious

However that's not the case... SO... For the MILLIONTH time... Reinforce the damn AU troops and keep your freaking UN troops AWAY! That's the BEST solution. Thank you for your kind/"kind" intentions but UN troops will just contribute more to the damn problem. As for the Sudanese government... Well, Sudanese people all over the world... It's time to start a freaking revolution! Foreign meddling NOT welcome. It just complicates things. Shias VS Sunnis in Iraq anyone?

Grrr... I'm seriously thinking about starting a campaign or a petition to convince people UN troops are not a good idea but that reinforcing the AU troops with NATO and UN is. I REALLY REALLY AM!!!"
Warm thanks to Drima for all the great blog entries. I'd support any campaign or petition that backs the African Union and its mission and peacekeepers in the Sudan. All peacekeepers deserve a medal. Here's wishing Drima all the best in the future. And thanks for all the laughs!

Postscript: Copy of opener at The Sudanese Thinker:
I'm Drima and I'm a pro-democracy, anti-communist, caring capitalist, HUGE fan of American pop culture (Friends anyone?), grateful consumer of Western products (Danish cheese anyone?), NOT a fan of double standards within America's foreign policy, NOT a fan of Islamic fundamentalism, strong believer in the notion "the pen is mightier than the sword", independent thinking kind of guy seeking to expand his mind by engaging in productive, open-minded and peaceful discussions. Hello!

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