Saturday, August 19, 2006

UN troops would reinforce AU presence already in Darfur

The British officials who drew up the latest draft resolution on Darfur say they hope it can be adopted by the Security Council within a month, to enable troops to be deployed in January, BBC news reported Aug 19, 2006.

The BBC report tells us Russia and China have some reservations. And that new troops would reinforce an African Union presence already there in Darfur.

AU patrol

Photo: An African Union armoured personnel carrier patrols the Sudanese village of Gos Beina, south of the town of al-Fasher in Darfur. (AFP Aug 1, 2006/Charles Onians)

Note, earlier news reports filed here at Sudan Watch, suggest there's talk of using peacekeepers from the UN mission in southern Sudan (UNMIS).

AU soldier in Gos Beina

Photo: An African Union soldier stands guard in the village of Gos Beina during an AU patrol south of the town of al-Fasher in Darfur, June 2006. (AFP Jul 29,2006/Charles Onians)

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