Tuesday, August 22, 2006

AMZAR Trading & Services Ltd., in Khartoum provides disgusting $3,60 meals to African soldiers in Sudan's Darfur

Here below is a photo from Soldier of Africa showing what AMZAR food services and catering company in Khartoum feed to young fit African soldiers in Darfur. Disgusting.

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen this photo with my own eyes. Werner says the beans had sand in them and no bread was provided. Why no bread?

The AU mission in Darfur costs $17m per month. You'd think it could take better care of its troops and employ cooks to at least bake fresh bread. In war zones, mealtimes are the highlight of any soldiers day and can be a morale booster. Here's what Werner wrote to accompany the photo:
My $3,60 Meal


"This is what we had to eat today. I could not eat the beans because it had too much sand in. Guess who is hungry. AMZAR, the company who is supposed to cater for us regularly surprises with little food, terrible quality meat with more bones than the actual meat and no bread. The Sudanese people are eating better than us, which is actually good, but AMZAR gets millions of dollars to give us reasonable standard food and as you can see it is not happening. At least the potato salad was very good, but for seconds I would have had to give another meal coupon, which would have cost me another $3,60."
AMZAR Trading & Services Ltd., Khartoum

offices from street.jpg

Photo: AMZAR's Khartoum Office. Blurb from its website:
AMZAR Trading and Services Ltd., was established in 1988 by its two founders and sole shareholders, Mr Amin Ahmed Hassab El Rasoul and Mr Nazar El Sammani Yacoub.

The Company, (registration No. C/6427) was set up in order to meet the demand for
- a professional food services and catering company in the Sudan to operate at the highest levels in terms of professionalism, customer service and food hygiene
- a trading services company that could source and supply both locally and for export a wide range of Sudanese produce of consistently high quality at competitive prices.

Amzar Trading & Services Ltd. PO Box 2506 Khartoum, Sudan. Tel: (+249 1) 83 472508 Fax:(+249 1) 83 474990
Amzar contact details says "if you have any query, require further information or wish to use our services, please get in touch with us and we will be delighted to help you." I might send them a link to this post and ask them if they think the meal in the photo is fit for young soldiers on active service in a war zone.


Anonymous said...

AMZAR is a business of the National Intelligence and Security Service and owned by relatives to the Government.......

Anonymous said...

How do you know? I'd like to hear more.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this, and there are many disasters the writer forgot to expain it, the food that AMZAR give to solders is better to feed animals insted of human, i would also like to add that their main bussines in Sudan is Alcohol trading, as Mr. Nizar Al Sammani was accused in 2005 of importing one container of alcohol and he was put in jail for that reason, anyone in Sudan can go to the court to know this fact, The other founder Mr. Amin Ahmed is very well known as a big playboy who likes dating girls under 17 plus drinking more than 100 litters of alcohol weekly.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have more information about this company? If so please share.

Anonymous said...

Mr Amin Ahmed is not dating girls under 17, that's not true... this comments ar unfair...

Anonymous said...

I think that the above comments on Amzar with regards to food provided to soliders is quite exagrated and the photo is obviosly not a true reflection of what was provided. I have had the opportunity to experience Amzar services and i must say i had no complaints or issues in that regard.What Their Bosses do in their privite time is priivate and not in anyway come in to play with regards to Amzar services.I am sure we all have our own dirty linen but offcourse we do not dry them out unless with amlicious intent.I believe this are things that can be raised by the soliders with main liason(Amzar) on the ground to ensure that everything is up to standard other than writing such a defametory artcicle without any rebutal from the accused.Lets be partial and objective when critizing or rasing issue and of course follow due process