Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sudanese militia killed two AMIS peacekeepers in Darfur?

An unsourced report at says militia killed the two African peacekeepers in Darfur. Don't know where they got the information, if it means Janjaweed or what. More later.

Meanwhile, the state-run SUNA accused the rebel National Redemption Front (NRF/JEM) of the attack, ST/Agencies reported Aug 19, 2006:
"Leaders of the groups found responsible for this "despicable attack" will be held "personally accountable," said the AU, without specifying which armed groups it suspected of being involved.

"This unprovoked ambush against AMIS peacekeepers is also a clear breach of the ceasefire agreements, with which all parties are bound to comply, as well as the relevant AU PSC and UNSC resolutions," the AU said."
See Aug 29 2006 news reports on N Darfur: 2 Rwandan peacekeepers killed, 4 wounded.

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