Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Activists' "Global Day for Darfur" campaign Sep 17 calls for world leaders to push for UN force in Darfur

Click onto the flags at Global Day for Darfur and see events taking place in those countries on Sep 17. Here's some of what you see when you click onto the UK flag at the site:

Sudanese Embassy Demonstration

What: Demonstration outside the Sudanese Embassy in London.
When: Sunday 17th September, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.
Organiser: David Brown, Aegis Trust, +00 44 (0)1623 836 627, and Ishag Mekki, Darfur Union.
Supported by: Aegis Trust, Darfur Union
Further information: www.aegistrust.org - Genocide Prevention Charity the Aegis Trust is organising a demonstration outside the Sudanese Embassy to protest against the continued opposition to UN deployment in Sudan. The people of Darfur desperately need a UN force that can bring peace and stability to this troubled region of Sudan. The Government of Sudan has so far blocked efforts to put a UN peace keeping mission on the ground. This must stop.

Day for Darfur UK Rally and Darfur Exhibition launch

What: Indoor Rally with political speaker and supporters
When: Sunday 17th September, 12:30 am to 2:30 pm.
Where: TBC
Organiser: Hratche Koundarjian, Aegis Trust, +44 207 735 3154 (for Rally) and David Brown, Aegis Trust, +00 44 (0)1623 836 627 (for exhibition).
Supported by:
Further information: www.aegistrust.org - Genocide Prevention Charity the Aegis Trust is organising a indoor rally at a central London location to include speakers from the world of politics, film and music. A preview of a new mobile exhibition on genocide and the responsibility to protect, with reference to Darfur as well as to past genocides including the Holocaust and Rwanda, will also be unveiled at the event. The event will aim raise the profile of the Darfur crisis and call on world leaders to push for a deployment of UN peacekeepers.

A Prayer for Darfur

What: Active Faith: A Prayer for Darfur
When: Sunday 17th September, Time TBC
Where: Gates of Downing Street, Whitehall, SW1A
Organiser: Christa Bennett, 0207 243 0300
Supported by: Waging Peace
Further information: www.wagingpeace.info - We welcome this opportunity to remind the Prime Minister of his moral obligation. We ask that:
- Britain push the UN to enforce its resolutions on Darfur and put genuine pressure on the government of Sudan;
- to strengthen the African Union force;
- and to provide a well-equipped UN peacekeeping force a mandate to protect civilians and disarm those who terrorise, rape, and kill them.

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